Converting First-Time Buyers into Long-Term Customers

Spotlight Brand Services Building Customer Loyalty on Amazon

When you create a brand and begin to sell your products, it’s more than likely that one of your main business goals is to serve a great product(s) and deliver outstanding customer service that will leave an everlasting impression. Making customers want more, and ultimately turning them into long-term raving fan.

Amazon understands the importance of a good customer experience and the ability it has to affect your sales, your conversion rates, and ultimately the way it can make your customer feel. Poor customer experiences can affect your ability to increase your conversion rates and transforming a first-time buyer into a long-term customer.

When converting a first-time buyer into a long-term customer you have to be sure you have the right steps in place right from the start, to guarantee they have a good experience!

Some of you may be wondering, “How do I make sure my customer is going to have a good experience the very first time?”

Well, there are a few key steps that you need to take to ensure your brand will deliver on that amazing customer experience on Amazon.

1. A clear, concise and compelling listing.
When your first-time customer clicks on your listing, they MUST see all the key elements to make them feel good about your purchasing product and even more so, buying from your brand.

  • Your imagery needs to be clear and engaging.
  • They need to be able to see what the product is and how it can/should be used.
  • Your bullet points and description need to be engaging and insightful with any information or FAQs that you feel are important for a customer to know.
  • If you have good reviews for them to read, positive social proof, that will make them feel even better seeing others who have enjoyed your product as well.

2. Ensure the customer understands the product they’re purchasing.
As we touched upon in the first point, a customer does not like to shop in the dark; therefore, the more information the better. If a potential customer clicks on your listing and it does not have the proper elements to give them the information, they want to know about your product you will lose that sale. 

They need to see the product itself, see how big or small it is, and what it can do. When shopping online you don’t have the opportunity to see the product itself or touch and feel it, as you do in traditional retail, so, providing these elements is critical in order to enhance their online shopping experience.

3. If there is an issue, follow up with the customer and solve the problem – IMMEDIATELY!
No one is perfect. No brand or product is perfect. Mistakes happen, things break, some customers will be unsatisfied and that is ok. As long as you are equipped with the right tools to jump in and solve the problem in a timely manner. There will always be a customer somewhere who is unsatisfied for whatever reason, but showing your eagerness to help solve the issue at hand and turn their negative experience into a positive one will be what sticks out more than that bad experience in the end.

So, we just discussed what you can do on the surface to begin the process of converting a first-time buyer into a long-term customer, but there’s another tool that can be used to entice your customer to invest as a long-term customer or increase the likelihood that they will.

4. Use Subscribe & Save.
Subscribe & Save is a program implemented by Amazon that allows you to receive a discount off the Amazon Marketplace everyday low price on eligible products. It provides the customer with the option of purchasing the item right away for full price or getting a discount if they choose to receive the item on a scheduled basis.

When joining Subscribe & Save you also get free standard shipping on auto-deliveries, and the convenience of regularly scheduled deliveries, so you don’t have to worry about whether you re-ordered the dog food you’re about to run out of or not.

There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time. When this customer begins to receive your product(s) on a monthly, bi-monthly, etc. basis it creates a bond that your customer begins to have with your product and even your brand. They start to see YOUR product as the solution, keeping customers coming back for more, trying your other products, telling their friends and family about it, and yes, you guessed it, becoming that long-term customer you strived for from the beginning!

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