The ABCs of Amazon Advertising

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When it comes to Amazon Advertising, it can get pretty overwhelming for many brands. So how can you successfully advertise on Amazon using Amazon Advertising?

There are many factors to successfully advertising your products on Amazon and driving customers to your Amazon listings. When selling on Amazon, it is crucial you are aware of where your products appear within a search result and understand why a prime location is critical for maximum exposure and ultimately maximum sales. It’s important that you understand how to go about obtaining that prime location within a search result and why it’s so important to be there.

This is accomplished through strategically running Amazon ads and there are multiple types of Amazon ads you can utilize directly in the Seller Central interface:

  1. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
  2. Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads
  3. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads promote the sales and visibility of your desired product listing in Amazon search results. Amazon Sponsored Ads are one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates and discoverability for your products.

Amazon Brands Ads allow you to reach Amazon customers with three types of targeted ads. Video ads show on the search results page and convey your brand message with Autoplay video, providing an engaging ad experience for your potential customers. Store Spotlight ads and Product Collection ads show at the top of the search page in the form of a headline banner ad.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads allow brands to reach customers via auto-generated placements on both detail and other pages across Amazon, in addition to placements across Amazon’s third-party display network with targeting on desktop and mobile devices.

Amazon advertising is the ability to pay for targeted keywords that will assist in your product showing up when your potential customers’ search for those targeted keywords.

So, what does that mean exactly?

Let’s say a customer searches for a specific item. You, the Amazon seller, can run ads that will put your product in the first two to four spots of the search results, across the banner at the top of the page, and in various spots on product listing pages.

Now, why is that so important you ask?

Placement is everything! Location! Location! Location!

It has been proven, not only on Amazon, but on every major search engine that customers don’t go deep when searching for products. Typically, when a customer starts a product search, they choose from the products that are on the top half of the first page and choose the best product that fits what they were looking for within that selection.

If your product is not showing up above the fold on the first page, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get the sale from that specific keyword search. So, it is crucial that you are buying the right traffic in order for your product(s) to start appearing in the right spot every time those keywords are searched.

By running sponsored ads, your listing is more likely to appear on page one, in one of the sponsored sections, leading to a customer who is more likely to purchase your product. Once someone clicks and purchases, Amazon starts to associate your product with that keyword. Imagine if your product organically appears on page three from a keyword search? That would be a bummer! Without sponsored ads it is very unlikely that a potential customer will make it to page three and find your listing.

It is important to note that Amazon’s system does not know what any product is specifically. They only register which keywords are used most often and track which products are associated with those keywords by looking at which products were searched, clicked on, and eventually purchased with those keywords.

Amazon sees that customers are buying that product with a high degree of regularity and have great experiences. This causes Amazon to start to organically position your products higher in those keyword search results. This is also a great way to obtain new customers on Amazon. If you sell a quality product, those satisfied customers are going to share it and leave positive reviews. Increasing your social proof and earning you a new long-term customer.

Another way Amazon advertising can be used to maximize your exposure and create long-term customers is by using ads that target a potential customer through a competitor’s product.

Yes, you read that correctly!

You can actually appear on your competitor’s product page as another option or similar product, diverting traffic back to your Amazon listing.

BAM! [Insert mic drop – exit stage left] 😊

Lastly, you can increase your brand exposure and grow your Amazon business through Amazon advertising is by utilizing video ads.

We all know from Facebook and other online venues, that in terms of advertising, video ads are most likely to convert and engage your customers. Plus, by running video ads on Amazon, you are providing an advantage for your product(s) because there are far fewer video ads being run on Amazon. 

Amazon video ads utilizing the right budget and strategy ultimately put you in a space where not many Amazon sellers are, allowing your video ads to be displayed 100% of the time and further increasing your brand’s exposure on Amazon.

Pro Tip: Using headline type ads in conjunction with sponsored products ads allow you to dominate the above the fold section of the search results page both on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices where most of the time, 100% of the results above the fold are sponsored.

Here at Spotlight Brand Services, we understand the importance of a solid advertising strategy when selling on Amazon and utilizing the best ads that fit within your budget and are best for your brand. We understand the importance in making sure that your product(s) is associated with the right keywords to obtain maximum positive results. We also understand that not everyone has the budget to go as far as running video ads, so one of the things that we focus on is a defensive bidding strategy.

With a defensive bidding strategy we can make sure that when a customer searches for your brand or your product, you dominate the sponsored results – instead of leaving room for competitors to display their ads!

Our experience shows that bidding on your own keywords results in very cheap traffic. It’s a low expense and it can help in protecting you from your competitors and the possibility of losing customers. This is why it is a cornerstone of our strategy to make sure that the customers that do land on your listing stay there, purchase, and become a satisfied long-term customer.

If you’d like more information or assistance in advertising your listings on Amazon, click the button below to schedule a FREE Amazon Product Listing Audit and one of our Spotlight Brand Services Brand Advertising Specialists will meet with you to help you start growing your business on Amazon.