What we do

Spotlight is a full-service Amazon Management firm
that gets results for our clients.

We completely take over the strategy and day-to-day operations of your Amazon channel sales. 

Spotlight Brand Services Brand Management@x
Brand Management

Your brand story is CRITICAL. We help you craft your brand story, and share it with the world in a way that connects with customers and converts prospects into customers. Then we work with you to optimize for maximum conversions.

Spotlight Brand Services Price Monitoring@x
Price Monitoring

Pricing is part art and part science, and an important piece of the e-commerce puzzle. We monitor and track pricing to ensure that all sellers are adhering to your brands’ pricing and promotion rules, and to maximize your brand positioning in the marketplace.

Spotlight Brand Services Listing Optimization@x
Listing Optimization

Brand listings can make or break sales. We work with you to ensure you have maximized your listings, both on the front end and the back end. Our team of expert marketers craft compelling copy, work with you to provide the best images, video and more.

Spotlight Brand Services Unauthorized Seller Remediation @x
Unauthorized Seller Remediation

Unauthorized sellers of your brand can hurt your reputation and you can lose control of your brand. We work to monitor, investigate, identify and remove unauthorized sellers of your brand, enabling you to take back control and manage your brand the way it should be.

Spotlight Brand Services IP Protection Suite@x
Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Suite

Protect Your Brand and Enforce Your IP Rights. We help you get your Trade Mark, register your brand with Amazon, and enforce your Intellectual Property rights on Amazon. We have walked dozens of brands through this process and know every pitfall along the way.

Spotlight Brand Services Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising (Pay-Per-Click + Display)

Amazon is the largest search engine on the web for products. Prospects looking to purchase something start here. To maximize sales, we work hard to develop the appropriate ad campaigns to put your products in front of the right potential customers at the right time.

Spotlight Brand Services Industry Research@x
Industry Research

We turn data into valuable information to help you grow your business. With a massive repository of readily accessible data, our team of experts can help you identify valuable trends, innovative ideas to enhance your existing products and even create new opportunities for you to grow and thrive.

Spotlight Brand Services Logistics Management@x
Logistics Management

Ensuring that your logistics are handled properly can make or break your customer experience – not to mention your business. We work with you to manage 3rd party logistics, Vendor Central and other parts of the complicated and potentially challenging areas for your business.

Spotlight Brand Services Review Management@x
Review Management

Keeping your brand rating high is crucial for growth and this takes daily management of your customer reviews. Our team monitors and responds to reviews, helping to keep your ratings as high as possible. Further, we work with you to identify any potential issues that arise as a result of this important information.

Spotlight Brand Services Enhance Brand Content@x
Enhanced Brand Content

Maximize your real estate on each listing with a strategy designed just for you. We work with you to create and curate beautiful graphics, images, videos and features to tell your story and inform customers.

Spotlight Brand Services Product Photography@x
Product Photography

On Amazon, a picture is worth MORE than 1,000 words. We create intuitive product images that help your potential customers see exactly what you’re selling, eliminating questions and increasing conversions.

Spotlight Brand Services Copywriting@x

Our expert copywriting teams blend the art of marketing with the science behind Amazon’s A9 search algorithm to ensure you index for the optimal search results – far beyond just writing words that sound nice.

Spotlight Brand Services Catalog Optimization@x
Catalog Optimization

We work with your team to make sure current pricing, opt-in programs, and quantities are within Amazon terms of service, maximizing profits and hitting the goals we set together as a team.

Spotlight Brand Services Website Creation@x
Website Creation

Your online presence is a reflection of your company, your product, your team and your brand. Done right, it will engender trust and appeal, increasing engagement and conversions.

Spotlight Brand Services Reporting and Analytics@x
Reporting and Analytics

Not only does our team work tirelessly getting you results – we keep you in the loop, providing you with the data to make sound business decisions through regular reports, analytics and strategy sessions to plan your next steps.

Did you know?


Last year over half of all product searches started on


Last year over half of all product searches started on


Teenagers voted AMZ as their favorite shopping site, 2nd place only got 5% of the votes!


Teenagers voted AMZ is their favorite shopping site, 2nd place got 5% of the votes!


Amazon receives over 200 million mobile and desktop shoppers a month!


Amazon receives over 200 million mobile and desktop shoppers a month


Sales on Amazon come from 3rd party sellers, that’s over $10 billion in 3P sales in 2018!


Sales on Amazon come from 3rd party sellers, that’s over $10 billion in 3P sales in 2018