Maximizing Promotions on Amazon

Spotlight Brand Services Maximizing Promotions on Amazon

As an Amazon seller it is key to know the many components that go into successfully promoting your product(s) on Amazon for maximum results. There are numerous ways for you to utilize Amazon promoting tools to maximize your Amazon listing, generate exposure and sales, as well as, capture new customers and turn them into long-term raving fans.

Now you may be wondering what promoting on Amazon entails and what it can do for your Amazon business, right?

Well, Amazon promotions are an effective way for you to create brand awareness and get your products in front of more interested potential customers. Amazon promotion sellers can offer their products at a low cost to incentivize their audience to tell their friends and family about your products that will ultimately result in an increase in conversions. Promoting on Amazon will encourage cusomers to buy your product(s). Amazon customers, or really customers in general, love a good deal, so using promotions as a tool to draw them in is a great opportunity for you to grab their attention.

So, now that you know what promoting on Amazon can do for your business, let’s discuss the different ways you can promote on Amazon for maximum results.

Here are three types of promotions that you can utilize for maximum results when selling on Amazon:

  1. Amazon Advertising
  2. Coupons
  3. Cross Sales

There are many factors to successfully advertising your products on Amazon and driving customers to your Amazon listings. When selling on Amazon, it is crucial you are aware of where your products appear within a search result and understand why a prime location is critical for maximum exposure and ultimately maximum sales. It’s important that you understand how to go about obtaining that prime location within a search result and why it’s so important to be there.

This is accomplished through strategically running Amazon ads and there are multiple types of Amazon ads you can utilize directly in the Seller Central interface:

  1. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
  2. Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads
  3. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads
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2. Coupons

Another form of promoting on Amazon is by offering Amazon Coupons. It’s the same concept as the coupons you get from ad circulars in the newspaper. Amazon coupons are visible to all customers. They can see them in search results, on product detail pages, and other places throughout Amazon. Just like coupons from your newspaper, you “clip” them to apply them to your order.

Coupons are effective for multiple reasons:

  1. They provide customers a discount.
  2. They increase your Amazon listing’s visibility by being showcased on different sections throughout Amazon.
  3. They feature your product(s) in various newsletters.
  4. They help in differentiating your product(s) in search results.

When you list a coupon on your product, Amazon highlights that on the search page with a green button that says “coupon”. The green differentiates your listing because it’s a color that stands out (it is not traditionally seen on an Amazon) and is more likely to attract customers to click.

Amazon knows that customers are always searching for a good deal, so they will feature you on different parts of their website where they have different coupon items, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good deal?

It is important to understand that whenever you’re incentivizing a customer on the front end with a coupon, you’re incentivizing that first purchase. If you make a great product, it’s very likely that they’re going to return and purchase again. So that coupon can ultimately serve as a method to buy long-term customers.

Ultimately, coupons are a great tool to draw more customers to your listing and make them more likely to purchase your product because that coupon makes them feel like they’re getting an extra special deal.

3. Cross Sales

Cross Sales are when you recommend that your customer buy another product that complements their existing purchase. With cross sales you are able to create special deals where if a customer purchases one product, they get a discount on a second product. By utilizing cross sales you’re leveraging the success of one product to grow your other products and to build the organic searchability and the presence of your other products.

Another reason cross sales are effective is because it raises your average margin. By strategically positioning discounts within your listing, it will cause customers to purchase more, raising your profit margins just by getting them to buy additional products! 

Lastly, when you use cross sales, you’ll find that you will likely influence what is listed in the “Frequently bought together” section on your listing page, helping you to sell even more product!

So, beyond just leveraging the success of your products, cross sales also give you a point to start leveraging your profitability.

Oftentimes Amazon sellers think about promoting on Amazon as exclusively running ads, but at Spotlight Brand Services we don’t think about promotions as simply running ads for a product. There is a full suite of promotional tools that we utilize to maximize your results. If you’re not utilizing all forms of promotion, you’re not getting the maximum amount of reach or the maximum amount of conversion and that can be very harmful in the performance of your listing and maximizing your results.

If you’d like more information or assistance in promoting your listings on Amazon, click the button below to schedule a FREE Amazon Product Listing Audit and one of our Spotlight Brand Services Promotion Specialists will meet with you to help you start growing your business on Amazon.