Learning Herbs

Jason – CEO of Spotlight

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Jason was able to rescue Learning Herbs from complete disaster by getting their Amazon seller account reinstated.

Learning Herbs had been selling their award-winning board game Wildcraft! themselves on Amazon for over 8 years.

In 2019 their seller account was suspended by Amazon for what we can best describe as…”a bunch of Bull$#!+ reasons”

Luckily, Jason was able to use his connections at Amazon to get Learning Herbs’s seller account reinstated. This saved them from losing over $250K per year in revenue.

Since hiring us, we have moved to fully managing the Learning Herbs seller account so they are at no risk of this happening again.

We’ve also been able to improve their profit margins 20% and increase their sales another 30%.

We guarantee you’ll earn more money letting us run your Amazon account than doing it yourself.

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