Golden Groundhog

Dylan Frost – Chief Marketing Officer

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Dylan was able to make Amazon pay $42,000 in debts to our client Golden Groundhog that they weren’t even aware they were owed.

Amazon may owe you a ton of money and they won’t give it to you unless you know how to claim it.

When you ship product in to Amazon, oftentimes they check in the wrong amount, or lose some amount of your inventory in their warehouse. If you don’t file claims with Amazon to reconcile this lost inventory, they will never reimburse you for it.

And the best part is, Amazon pays you the full retail price for any products they lose.

We do this automatically for our all Full Service Amazon Management clients.

In the case of Golden Groundhog, we were able to recover $42,000 for them in the first 6 months. This was a process they had no idea about before working with us.

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