White-label Brand Management Services

Ahoy and welcome!

As you probably heard, we’re entertaining the idea of opening up “White-label Amazon Brand Management services”…

So what does that mean?

Well, if you saw our emails a couple weeks ago, you know that the Brand Management division of our Amazon business (Spotlight Brand Services) currently manages over $20M+ per year in client revenue.

We’re considering offering our services to TWF students in a white label capacity.

This is how it would work…

If you had a Brand Management client, we’d do all the work, and charge you a fixed fee. What you charge the client for that work is between you and the client.

When I say do all the work, I mean it literally. You’d be able to offer the entire suite of services we provide as Spotlight, including advertising management.

So if you charge a client $5,000 per month, and we perform all the services for $3,000, then you are pocketing $2,000 per month for almost 0 work!

I say almost 0 because you would still need to be the primary point of contact with the client because they’d still be your client. We’re just doing all the work in the background. It’ll be totally up to you if you want to disclose we’re providing those services or not.

Now here is the thing. We want to Beta test this first. 

So we are only looking for 3-5 people to try this out with, max.

Each opportunity will be reviewed to see if it’s a good fit for us. Meaning, we will render this service in situations only where it is a win/win/win for everybody. Us, you and the Brand Owner.

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