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If you are reading this, that means you are a gaming content creator that has been personally selected to be part of’s upcoming Creator Collection product series.

What is the Troll & Toad Creator Collection? would like to create a custom, licensed product featuring you, and pay you royalties on all sales of that product…forever!

What's included in the Creator Collection?

We will commission art to have a custom Metal Card created with your likeness. You can provide direction for what you’d like to appear on the card, or you can leave it up to us.

The first print run of Metal Cards will be labeled as 1st Edition and serialized on the back.

Our metal Content Creator cards have been extremely popular and we’ve been seeing 1st editions resell on ebay consistently above $300

We will commission art to have a custom token featuring your likeness. Each Creator Collection will come with 4x copies of your token.

We will also ship you a quantity of tokens to personally sign, adding even more value for your fans and followers.

We will commission art to have a custom collectible sticker created.

Your Creator Collection will come in a custom, branded booster pack that can be kept and reused, featuring the same art as your token.

The Details

What Royalties Do I Earn?

Each Creator Collection will be sold for $19.99 and your Royalty per sale will be $5, paid at the end of each quarter.

Can I Add A Charity?

If you’d like to select a charity to support and forfeit $1 of royalty, Troll and Toad will match your contribution for a total of $2 per sale going to the charity of your choice.

Are There Any Upgrades Available?

Want to upgrade your Creator Collection to include something extra special? We have the ability to include things like:

  • Gifted Twitch Subs
  • Specific MTG / Pokemon / Yugioh cards or booster packs you’d want to include
  • Custom NFT
  • Custom Lapel Pin
  • And More!

YES! I want to have my own Creator Collection...What's next?

We thought so!
If you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat. Fill out the simple form below and we’ll be in contact ASAP.
Or you can email 
[email protected] and Tanner will be happy to work with you.