Creating an Impactful Customer Experience on Amazon

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The customer experience you provide can literally make or break your business. This true in general – not solely on Amazon! Your customers’ experience is crucial in determining they will feel about your products and even more importantly, your brand.

According to a study by McKinsey, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated by your brand.

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You can have a great product that works amazing and is the best in its marketplace; however, with your customer having a poor experience, none of that will matter. It is crucial that everywhere you are selling your products, providing a smooth and positive customer experience is at the top of the list.

Spotlight Brand Services Amazon Optimization Experts Positive Customer Experience

In many cases, you don’t have total control over the customer experience. However, you can have control over the majority of them by being the seller of your own products; and while it may be intimidating to be a seller on the world’s largest online selling platform, believe it not, it’ actually quite easy to provide incredible customer service on Amazon – turning customers into loyal raving fans for your brand.

One of the main reasons Amazon has seen the tremendous level of growth, is because it is the most customer-centric company on earth!

Why is that?

Because Amazon will always side with buyers or customers, rather than the sellers. They understand the true value of a loyal customer.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, on average loyal customers are worth up to ten (10 times as much as their first purchase – and when it comes to Amazon, as the world’s largest retailer, the numbers are much, much higher than that. LOYALTY IS KING!

Spotlight Brand Services Amazon Optimization Experts Creating Customer Loyalty On Amazon

And this is great for your customers – and ultimately for you and your brand – if you embrace the true power of customer experience!

As a seller, you always love to see your customers happy; but when it comes to Amazon, it can oftentimes feel like a huge challenge to sell on the Amazon platform AND provide a fantastic customer experience. Not to worry though! There are some amazing ways to enhance the customer experience and differentiate your brand from other brands in the Amazon Marketplace.

So, how do we do that?

Well, there are few simple ways to ensure a positive customer experience that will keep your customers coming back from more! So, let’s dive in!

The first step in delivering a positive customer experience on Amazon is by having an optimized listing. This is the starting point and the foundation of this concept. Primarily, it reduces confusion for the customer and helps to set and manage expectations – a key concept when it comes to customer experience. An optimized listing helps your potential customers understand what the product does (and does not do) and ensures that they aren’t purchasing the right product, resulting in fewer issues when receiving and using the product; ultimately delivering a better experience.

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The second step in delivering a better customer experience on Amazon is by monitoring the questions prospects and customers are asking you, the seller, directly and ensure they are being answered correctly, completely and in a timely manner.

On the Amazon Platform, customers are able to ask questions directly to the seller and publicly on the listing. So, it’s very important that these inquiries are handled professionally, eliminating any confusion, resulting in a satisfied customer, who feels taken care of. Just because you aren’t meeting with a customer in-person in a retail store, the customer should FEEL that they are dealing with a person who is responsive, and cares about them as much as possible.

Your goal should be to provide the best information, reduce or remove any confusion, and resolve any issue that surfaces in the best way possible.

Oftentimes, you may see the same questions asked repeatedly. This is an opportunity for you to update your listing, incorporating as much clarifying information as possible, to reduce customer friction points and possible bad experiences, helping them to make easier buying decisions.

At Spotlight Brand Services, we understand the impact customer experience can have on your brand, both negatively and positively. One of the first things we do for the brands we work with is to develop a custom knowledge base of customer questions. This provides us with an opportunity to script the best possible answers for those questions, so you are ready and prepared as soon as a question or concern arises. This allows our customer service representatives to be prepared, answer quickly, and not have to come up with answers on the spot, that could be potentially incorrect.

Lastly, when it comes to delivering better customer experiences on Amazon, you must be answering ALL of your customer questions on your Amazon listing.

As we discussed above, the buyer (your customer), has the ability to ask questions both to you, the seller, directly, and publicly on your Amazon listing. That means the wrong information has the potential to be echoed a thousand times. This confusion could lead to them having a poor experience with your product, because of the wrong expectations or potentially not purchase the product in the first place because they didn’t believe it would meet their needs.

Whether right or wrong, good or bad, every question asked and every answer is visible on your listing, so it is crucial that you are monitoring them and answering them as the seller and/or manufacturer, giving you that badge of credibility and hopefully making that customer feel better about the issue they are experiencing.

This helps build your social proof and helps current and potential new customers feel safe and secure when buying from your brand. They will see that you care and are there to help ensure their satisfaction. So it’s important that every single time that a customer asks a question on your listing that you’re answering those questions with the correct information, and, more importantly a complete and strong answer that’s going to reduce their confusion, make them happy, and reinforce their decision to purchase from you.

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