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Aymeric – VP Client Services

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Aymeric led a campaign that increased Espeez Candy’s Amazon revenue from $120,000 to $1.2M per year.
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Espeez Candy was having moderate Amazon success, generating about $120,000 in sales per year, primarily through sales of their rock candy products.

Aymeric was able to identify a huge set of weaknesses in the product catalog.

Aymeric led a campaign to fully redesign all of Espeez’s Amazon product listings and also used the ninja tactic of merging much of their catalog into single listings, combining their reviews into a larger total.

Now that Espeez had superior listings to their competition and higher review counts, they began stealing market share from their competitors very quickly.

The Final result was that Espeez’s annual Amazon revenue increased from $120,000 in sales per year to over $1.2 Million per year.

Sam Popowcer

 “Aymeric was able to take our sales on Amazon from $120,000 to over $1.2 Million per year in just 18 months. He 10x’d our Amazon business in less than two years!”

Sam Popowcer – Owner of Espeez Candy